Armando Mariño

Untitled (Colonial Heritage Series),
Untitled (Colonial Heritage Series), 2003
Width: 80 inches overall
Height: 60 1/4 inches
Medium: Painting - watercolor on wove paper, in 2 parts


The series concept is based on the idea that every contemporary object is affected by a colonial past. The history of Western culture is closely linked to its colonial past, so it follows that those objects and creations produced by the Western world are imbued with this past. The resources, the labor that gives life to these resources, and the conditions of production under which they are made are all the result of colonialism, the highest expression of which is European colonialism. For this reason, in these pieces human legs support the objects and are the deus ex machina of their existence, the source of their mobility, and their reason for being: living metaphors of their colonial past. --Armando Mariño, 2013