Yoan Capote

Isla (in memoriam) / Island ( in memoriam) (diptych),
Isla (in memoriam) / Island ( in memoriam) (diptych), 2007
Width: 258.5cm each
Height: 136.5cm ( 5cm deep ) , each
Medium: Painting - Oil, nails, fish hooks and the artists blood on plywood


2008 (23 Jan-22 Mar)States of Exchange: Artists from Cuba, INIVA (Institute of International Visual Arts), London, England.
2008 (October) UNESCO, Paris, France.


Gerardo Mosquera and Cylena Simonds, eds., States of Exchange / Estados de intercambio (INIVA, 2008). Andreas Winkler and Sebastian A.C. Berger, eds., Cuba: Arte contemporáneo/Contemporary Art (New York: Overlook Press, 2012), pp. 76-77.