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Celia - Yunior

About Celia - Yunior

About Our Work

We consider it a problem of velocity between the necessities of any and all human beings and the structures that are established to administer them; actualization escapes by being assumed as exception to the rule or as infraction of this rule. It is for this reason that we are interested in the forms of administration of life in society and how the individual reformulates these devices to their favor, once their interest become contradictory. In our works we touch on concise, practical examples in which one finds symptoms of this break, although we are also interested in generating a sensorial register of the historic moment in which it develops. We are observers of those who surround us, of their solutions and of what these solutions imply on a symbolic and emotional level in a specific context.

The audiovisual, the video installation, and other forms of documentation serve us to register documentary- and process-based works. In these we look to be conscious of our possibilities of mobility when confronted with institutional structures. For this reason we utilize art not only as a language but also as a method of observation which is subjectivized and trained by an understanding of art history. In some cases we part from the idea of staged performance, carrying out actions in which we participate as unknowns without having announced ourselves as artists (works: Civil Status, Password VHS, Bojeo, The Good Contacts Clinic, One’s Own…). In others we document using video and installation critical areas of reality due to its density of contradiction (works: October 2008, Havana 15 Seconds, Reserve, Everyone Always Says This to Me, In the Middle of What…).

Since the year 2004 we have worked as a duo (Celia González-Yunior Aguiar). In each work we both participate in the entire work process, from the conception of the idea to its final production. This micro society has served us as entertainment to confront other socialization spaces. For that reason, on occasions, we have collaborated with other artists interested in diverse ways in the social context. We cross visions with them, allowing it posture and interests to visit us. For us, it is vital to invest time in conversation not only about art but about what preoccupies us as social individuals, and this is why it is important to talk to those with whom we share intentions and a system of work.

Colonias Epífitas / Epiphytes Colonies

An epiphyte is a plant that grows on another plant, taking nourishment from air and water rather than from the host plant.

This piece is a research documented through photos. It is a collection of data from a representative group of mansions and their original owners. The owners were part of the higher layers of the economic and political powers of the island during the republican period (1902-1959). Nowadays these mansions belong to the actual administration, who have made the aesthetic of a past power their own. This is reminiscent of epiphytes plants, which use other plants as hosts, without imposing on the host’s resources. The outcomes of this work are 28 images, scanned from the notebook we used during the process, in which we recorded and matched past and present information about the inhabitants of those places.

--Celia and Yunior

Celia & Yunior received the Farber Foundation Young Cuban Artist of the Year award in 2015.