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The Farber Collection Artwork
January 11, 2013
Joining the collection, a striking, unsettling canvas from Roberto Fabelo’s recent show at Galería Habana
The Farber Collection Artwork
November 13, 2012

Works from The Farber Collection remain on view in the landmark exhibition Caribbean: Crossroads of the World . . . Images of two key works are featured in the companion book, published this past month . . . Collection co-founder Howard Farber gives an interview in Vamp magazine . . . and an autumn focus on acquisitions brings works by five artists into the Collection.


The Farber Collection Artwork
July 26, 2012

Nine works from The Farber Collection are on view in the milestone exhibition Caribbean: Crossroads of the World . . . An additional painting from the Collection is featured in the exhibition Two Citizens of Utopia: Ibrahim Miranda & Douglas Peréz . . . TFC works are included in two books published this spring . . . and an animation by Sandra Ramos joins the Collection.

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