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Caribbean: Crossroads, Two Citizens of Utopia, and more

Nine works from The Farber Collection are on view in the milestone exhibition Caribbean: Crossroads of the World . . . An additional painting from the Collection is featured in the exhibition Two Citizens of Utopia: Ibrahim Miranda & Douglas Peréz . . . TFC works are also included in two books published this spring . . . and an animation by Sandra Ramos joins the Collection.

Caribbean: Crossroads of the World

The New York Times called Caribbean: Crossroadsthe big art event of the summer season.” Nine works from The Farber Collection were loaned to the show, which opened at three New York City museums in June 2012. See works from The Farber Collection at all the museums, as follows.


At the Studio Museum in Harlem through October 21, 2012:

Belkis Ayón, Sin título (Untitled), 1993

José Bedia, Madre de Guerra (Mother of War), 1989

José Bedia, Doce Cuchillos (Twelve Knives), 1983

Alexis Esquivel, Autopsia (Autopsy), 1998


At the Queens Museum of Art through December 31, 2012:

Los Carpinteros, Faro tumbado (Fallen Lighthouse, above), 2004

Sandra Ceballos, Absolut Delaunay, 1995

Glexis Novoa, Waiting for the Enemy, 2002

Lázaro Saavedra, El Sagrado Corazón (The Sacred Heart), 1995


At El Museo del Barrio, through January 6, 2013:

Antonio Gattorno, Ascensión, 1947



Two Citizens of Utopia: Ibrahim Miranda & Douglas Pérez

Ariadna (Ariadne, above), a 2009 watercolor on cardboard by Douglas Pérez, is featured in this exhibition, which opened at The 8th Floor gallery in New York on July 10, 2012.


New Books

The Havana Biennial this past May saw the launch of two new books featuring works from The Farber Collection.

Raúl Martínez: La Gran Familia by Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes curator Corina Matamoros includes both Martínez works in The Farber Collection: El abanderado (1970) and Rosas y Estrellas (1972).

Mario Carreño: Selected Works/Obras Selectas 1936-1957, edited by Jesús Fernández Torna, includes Fruteros con guitarras (1947, below), a goauche on heavy paper.


New Acquisitions


The Farber Collection recently acquired the video animation Carrera de relevo (Relay Race, 2010) by Sandra Ramos, which was shown in the Havana Biennial collateral exhibition Metáforas del Cambio (Metaphors of Change) at Factoría Habana.

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